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Strategic marketing the map where we pave your path

We care about the future of your business plans. Everything you need to know is only where you want your business to be this time next year, and our precision compasses will make sure to find the right way to get you there.

CAMPAIGN: The Great Calculus

In the midst of the global economic crisis and the declining purchasing power of consumers, the task was to launch the new cost-oriented campaign for Tempo hypermarkets, which would consolidate rational and emotional reasons for buying in the Tempo chain, as well as strongly position the company in the Serbian market. We have created a communication strategy of the integrated campaign with 'saving' as the key message, contained in the 'Great Calculus' slogan and supported in all of the materials as well as communication channels. Also, we made the sound of clinking coins a distinctive symbol of the campaign and the Tempo chain, in the form of a sound logo. Messages about good prices and wide assortment of goods were widely accepted as main reasons for the purchase in the Tempo hypermarket, as well as symbols of a clever, sensible purchase.
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Graphical production

…is the place where ideas take shape

Before it reaches the eye of the beholder, beauty is in the hands of our designers. They know that every story has its own colour, shape, and the right to be noticed. Find your own visual identity, draw attention to yourself, and keep it!

  • Visual identity
  • Corporate material
  • Advertising solutions
  • Advertisement material
  • Packaging

The ad solution HONDA Civic Hybrid: A NATURAL SELECTION

In the global race for designing the best possible car for the future that would respond to demands of modern trade and environmental challenges, the company Honda has given its futuristic answer - the Honda Civic Hybrid car, for which we have designed and launched the print campaign. We traveled into the future and in this futuristic ambience we presented the new car as a combination of speed and nature. Our visual solutions with the slogans 'natural selection' and 'drive into the future before others', appeared in all relevant magazines and was displayed on all of the busiest intersections, and everyone who has seen it was taken directly into the future!
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Video production

…is a world in which anything is possible

Be imaginative, want more. Make things fly, let people have super powers, and your product an unprecedented attention! Demand that the advertisement for your products or services becomes the reason for viewers not to change the channel. Do not limit yourself, our video team is a group of experts for both possible and the impossible.

  • Corpo Production, of advertising and music videos
  • Editing
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Compositing & graphic processing
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Compositing & graphic processing


Following the innovations and trends at the biscuit production market, the company Soko Štark has decided to launch a new product category – wholegrain cookies, called Integrino! Our task was to introduce rational benefits but also emotional reasons for eating Integrino - to a wider audience. We have created an ATL and BTL campaigns and they have produced the 'grain invasion' over all coffee and snack breaks, and healthy snack meals. Promoting healthy habits and their place in the modern life, we have positioned Integrino as a perfect combination of pleasure and health! We worked hard, but with frequent snack-tasting breaks – we simply adore campaigns for delicious products!
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Audio production

…is the hill from which your message is heard the farthest

Our advertising of our clients is loud and clear. If you need it, from the top of the hill as well. Sometimes with music, sometimes with humour, sometimes in a whisper. But every time, without fail, we expect that magical effect of the good message – that echo that continues to resonate.

  • Production dialogue editing 
  • Music composition and music editing including production of singed jingles


  • ADR (automated dialogue replacement-if needed)
  • Voiceover recording and editing
  • Foley recording
  • Mixing and mastering

DICLOFLEX TVC for South and Central Europe

Within the launch campaign for the new product of PharmaSwiss company – the DicloFLEX analgesic with rapid penetration into the center of the pain, we have implemented a "Spray the pain away" video, for which our audio team performed the recording and post-processing of a voice-over, as well as the final mix. In addition, we composed the original music in a 'sneaky' style that follows the situation, and a female character who sees the solution to her pain in DicloFLEX Spray, which gave it a clever twist.
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...are the clubs where the biggest stars among the ideas go to

You want your product or service to be followed by cameras wherever you turn? Show them that you know how to have fun, attract the attention. Just say when, and we will make sure that everyone is there!


During the four-year long collaboration with Cockta brand (2007-2010), within the regional "Cockta. No kidding." campaign that we had created and adapted for the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, we followed our faithful fans during their four-day-long clubbing adventure at EXIT 008 Festival. Our team of Cockta mascots (a duck, giraffe, sheep, penguins, cows...) and 20 promoters, had fun with the visitors of the Cockta bar, partied on the Cockta stage, and chilled out in the Cockta Chill Zone. We gave a lot of Cockta gifts and bubble-clouds, the sheep was completely chilled-out, the cows went completely crazy with happiness, and the giraffe had by far the best view of all of the stages.
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...share, share, share!

Expand communication. Connect with your business partners and customers using the new digital media. Be innovative. Be the topic of the story that's being talked about. Speak the language of LIKE and SHARE. Communicate virally. Create a buzz. Let the Net buzz about you.

  • Internet marketing  
  • Social Media 
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web development


GEKKO - web-site, the application

Gekko is the software for Mobotix cameras, developed by Vucomm company and dedicated to the increase of the user safety, with a wide variety of applications - from making recordings of traffic violations, to tracking goods and prevention of possible incidents at the point of sale. The agency's task was to create visual identity for the brand, develop the slogan ('key witness'), design website in accordance to the adopted identity, as well as to design the user interface of Gekko V 1.0002 application. By implementation of adopted solutions in the web presentation, we have encompassed the initial form of communication with potential customers, who have been presented with all the functional benefits of the software in a clear, precise and modern way.
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