Digital campaign for the new Vitalia Probiotic line

post by domino | 25.04.23

The success of a digital campaign is not only measured by reach, views, likes and shares, but also by the satisfaction of users who discover new products that will help them improve the quality of their lives. In addition to successful KPIs, we recognized this satisfaction in the comments and reactions of the target group during the launch campaign for the new Vitalia Probiotic line in Serbia. Through a Facebook and Instagram campaign, a series of PR articles on relevant portals, the use of web banners on the Google Display network, video bumpers on the YouTube platform and content created by influencers, we successfully introduced consumers to all the benefits of Vitalia oatmeal and cookies enriched with probiotics. We are sure that the meals of the new generation from Vitalia are on the right track to become the favorite functional breakfast or snack for a large part of the target group whose focus is on a balanced and healthy food.



post by domino | 14.03.22

Earlier this month, KNAUF introduced a new K line of ceramic tile adhesives. Just before the products hit the market, we launched the "For Serious Craftsmen" campaign, and in the teaser and revealer phases of the campaign we focused on the packaging redesign and benefits of Knauf products. In addition to billboards in Belgrade and in regional centers of Serbia and broadcasting of commercial and sponsorship on radio stations throughout Serbia, the Knauf campaign “For SERIOUS Craftsmen” has strong support in digital communication channels, and the promotion includes a network of retail stores. A campaign within the program “We Honor Serious Craftsmen" will soon start, during which Knauf will reward loyal customers of selected products.

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Happy new year 2022

post by domino | 29.12.21

New campaign to start the year

post by domino | 02.03.21

The beginning of the year is the right time to make good decisions. This year we have decided to launch a new sports betting shop on our market, Merkur X tip, into the media orbit as successfully as possible! As a part of the ATL campaign that we launched in sync with the opening of shops and with speading the Merkur X tip network in Serbia, the main channel is TV, so that through a series of three videos as many Merkur X tip players can get acquainted with the benefits and bonuses offered by Merkur X tip . Young Petrović decided to try his luck in Merkur X tip shops with the advice of his experienced mentor, and our win-win strategy based on which we created the campaign proved to be a sure win for both the client and the agency.

Opportunities after COVID 19 - online regional discussion forum

post by domino | 05.05.20

If you are doing business on, or thinking about entering SEE market, we are inviting you to participate in an online forum organized with our partners from regional SEENTHESIS network, regarding the issues of doing business after covid, with the relevant insights and forecasts from local markets and identified opportunities for doing the business in the region at this moment.
Topcis that will be covered include general market situation in each of following counties: Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Albania and North Macedonia; latest changes in consumer and business behavior  media market changes and opportunities and threats for business in the region.
ONE REGION. SIX COUNTRIES. 52 MILLION CONSUMERS. Tune in on Tuesday 12th of May at 3pm local (Belgrade) time and besides having the chance to hear short presentations from all six markets, you will be able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.
Registration on the link:


Another Award for Domino

post by domino | 24.12.19

Following the festive celebration of UEPS day and the 2019 award ceremony, Domino Communications is proud to take home the silver recognition for the WE ARE ALL HERE campaign for our BALKAN BET client in the Promotional Integrated Campaign category: Retail, Trade and Services. Check out the brief Case for this project as well as the award-winning atmosphere.


Wellport Gala Launch Event

post by domino | 06.06.18

We are proud to have launched new real estate project (brand) for our client, developer Shikun&Binui Group, the first condominium in New Belgrade - Wellport. Gala launch event was organized on the 10th of May in the Yugoslav Film Archive Museum for more than 350 invitees from corporate and public sector to present all the reasons why Wellport would be an ideal place to call your home. From the concept, throughout the full branding of the venue and promo materials, Domino paid attention to all the small details so that our guests could feel the atmosphere of the Wellport and sail into the “Port of Good Life”. More information on the project on


Gala Launch of the project Skyline Belgrade

post by domino | 21.09.17

For our client AFI Europe we organized a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of construction of the mixed-use unique high-rise complex at a prestigious metropolitan downtown location. Gala launch event was organized on 14th of September at the "Airport City Belgrade" business park, with large number of invitees, including top government officials, that had an opportunity to be among the first ones to get acquainted with the new symbol of Belgrade - Skyline Belgrade.


Movie "Russian avant-garde in Belgrade"

post by domino | 04.09.17

1st prize on the contest Museums in Short for the best museum video done by Domino Communications for Muzej Jugoslavije / Museum of Yugoslavia


Happy new year 2017

post by domino | 28.12.16

Happy new year 2017


FBI - Dossier Tesla

post by domino | 05.12.16

On the occasion of 160th anniversary of the birth of Nikola Tesla and 80 years since he was declared an honorary citizen of Novi Sad, on the 19th of November in Serbian National Theatre, multimedia play “FBI - Dossier Tesla”, produced by Tesla Global Forum, Serbian National Theatre and in cooperation with dr. Nele Karajlić, had its premier.  
We got involved in this stage-musical spectacle, which plot revolves around the FBI search for Tesla’s secret, using modern technology, while all the time having Tesla on our mind -  we created a virtual trip through space and time on the scene by using projection mapping and animation on space of 180 square meters and 5 separate projection screens. 

Domino communications teamed with: 

Nikola Stepković - animation design 

Marko Katanić, Mladen Nikolić - animation

Mladen Nikolić - Projection mapping

Rerun of the play is scheduled for 18th of December at 8:21 pm at Sava Centre in Belgrade.


Das ist Krauterhof!

post by domino | 09.11.16

For the purposes of the new campaign we have learned the German language, filled up a herbaria, ran up to the top of the mountain, took a deep breath and in wild and unspoiled nature, we created a campaign for 100% natural products from Germany. We treated ourselves with the horse balms, healing creams and gels, anti-cellulite creams and herbal shampoos - and we are feeling great!

MaxBet Almost

post by domino | 17.06.16

Our new client MAXBET is warming us up during this exciting season of sporting events. Following our two successful sports media campaigns "Always on the field" and "Bet2slot"; we are now swinging a tennis racket. For this year's edition of the Roland Garros French Open MAXBET launched a campaign entitled ’Almost’, as a sign of support for Novak. Domino created MAXBEAT’s ATL and digital campaign and we turned ALMOST into TOTAL SCORE! Eight lucky winners had the chance to witness Nole’s win during the French Open, as he slammed his way into history.

The new campaign for OTP Bank

post by domino | 27.04.16

We were actively involved in the elections, the elections for the President of the building council... We have prepared the campaign for OTP Bank mortgage loans - and this time, "head of the list" was a well-known television presenter and promo face of the OTP Bank,  Zoran Kesić. In addition to the TV ad, the campaign was supported by radio and print as well as with a large number of web formats  promotional materials for the branches of the bank

BAMBOOS Mix pleasure with pleasure

post by domino | 18.01.16

The whole region is mixing! The mix of cola and red wine, the famous bamboos has finally become a brand! Bamboos campaign is addressed to all those who know that it is not good to mix business and pleasure and sends a message: Mix pleasure with pleasure - it's much better!


Go mingle

post by domino | 30.12.15

From December the 1st the word mingling has gotten a whole new meaning! We can proudly say that brand Mingle, on which creation we worked very hard this year, from the brand name and packaging to communication strategy - is now officially launched! We learned all about jams and fruit spreads, enjoyed brainstorming tastings and finally the time has come to share this pleasure with you. Go mingle!


Russian avant-garde in Belgrade

post by domino | 28.12.15

To mark the centenary of the creation of the masterpiece Black Square, painted by the leading artists of the Russian avant-garde Kazimir Maljevič, at the Museum of Yugoslav History an exhibition Russian avant-garde in Belgrade was open and it was our task to think of something creative for the opening ceremony. Challenged with an inspiring task, Domino team created a 3D mapping projection using the exhibited works as a theme and we used the projections to take the audience into the world and philosophy of avant-garde movement. The exhibition runs until February the 28th of 2016.

New Shop Opening - Original Marines

post by domino | 16.12.15

New shop of the world-famous clothing brand Original Marines was officially opened in Belgrade. For the occasion, we organized a cocktail gathering for a large number of celebrities from the music, sports and cultural industry. At the same time, the youngest had great fun in playing with the adorable Minion, who spent the whole evening tirelessly distributing balloons and being photographed with the kids and also those a bit older.


Johnson's Baby promotion in Mercator hypermarket

post by domino | 10.11.15

During the two weekends brand Johnson's Baby teamed up with Domino creative team and created a "Baby world" in Mercator hypermarket.  As a part of a month long promotion in which one gets a discount of 40% by purchase of 3 products, during those two weekends customers were awarded with a gift of JB soap. Also they had an opportunity to get better acquainted with the JB products range and future moms were able to get advices from certified midwives and to learn the techniques of a perfect lullabies for their little ones. The youngest visitors also enjoyed in the creative workshops and body painting.


post by domino | 05.11.15

In the new campaign of the OTP bank, famous Serbian TV host Zoran Kesić tries to tackle some challenges in the gym. How OTP bank can help him with that? Find out by watching our newest TVC.

New client arrives in Domino

post by domino | 13.11.14

World's leading real estate company CBRE is the newest client of Domino communications. We welcome them and at the same time we are looking forward to creative and successful campaigns ahed of us.


Adaptation Paloma TVC for the Serbian market

post by domino | 27.10.14

Paloma has developed a new generation of Paloma Sensitive Care products for the attentive care of your skin. From now, Paloma Sensitive Care tissues and toilet paper, can be found in our market.

Tedi TVC

post by domino | 23.10.14

One of the favorite children juices in the Europe, finally comes to Serbia! Get ready to meet charming bear named Tedi, and juices under Tedi label that children all over Europe already adore. Domino communications adapted Tedi TVC for Serbian market. We are sure, that soon you will be singing Tedi tune!


post by domino | 20.03.13

The campaign for Štarkiši is officially launched! Štarkiši are biscuits for children that we have created, we named them, we sang with them and most importantly we had a great deal of fun building the amazing adventure land – "Zemlja Štarkiša" (Štarkiši Land). It is the magic land in which imagination makes you grow. Next time you see us, you will be surprised how much we have grown!


post by domino | 15.03.13

Are you ready for the grain invasion? We have just started TV and outdoor campaign for the new Štark product Integrino – biscuits made of whole grain! We have worked really hard on it, but with frequent tasting breaks. We just love campaigns for delicious and tasty products!  

Honda on Belgrade International Car Show

post by domino | 20.09.12

Original and innovative approach - these are the main features of our conceptual design, to which was successfully carried out Honda's performance at the 49th International Car Show. Following Honda's corporate slogan - The power of dreams, and focusing on developing the most advanced technologies in the central part of the stand the visitors had the opportunity to see for the first time at the Belgrade International Car Show, holographic 3D projection space. Association of Economic propagandists Serbia (UEPS) has awarded Honda for the successful promotional appearance in the category of passenger cars.

adidas MEGA Summer Fun

post by Mihajlo | 16.04.12

In adidas Mega campaign, in addition to the giant shoe, great attention was aroused by Mega retail activation from this may, implemented in more than 20 retail outlets in Serbia. All those who got chance to have shoes from Mega Collection, also got the chance to compete in bowling, and win a holiday for the whole team. The cheerful atmosphere of the summer, heated up by DJ Prema and Ajs Nigrutin, bowling lanes in the Colosseum were also "cleaned up" by the famous adidas ambassadors and a number of journalists, and the best team was awarded with Mega voucher, which provides them "Summer Fun" holiday in Neos Marmaras.